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BRIDGE TOTE BAG(S) 193-04060

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Porter 193-04060
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Outer: Cotton Canvas (Paraffin Processing/biowash Processing) Cotton Combed Weather (Acrylic Coating) Cordura Nylon (Urethane Coating) Included Items: Cow Steer (Tanned)



``PORTER BRIDGE'' is a series that allows you to enjoy the feeling of mixing different materials by using parts that combine natural materials and functional materials. Three types of fabrics with different textures and thicknesses are combined for each part, allowing you to enjoy the mix of materials. Each part is grouped in the same color tone, and the combination of subdued colored fabric and leather creates a mature look even in a casual atmosphere. We pay special attention to the texture, silhouette, and feel of the material so that it can be matched with a variety of outfits. The main material is No. 10 canvas that has been treated with paraffin and further biowashed*. The soft and firm texture with less fluff on the surface is appealing because it feels good on the skin even when wearing light clothing. This paraffin-treated fabric is further biowashed to create chalk marks (whitening) and a richer expression. The cotton combed weather used in the pockets is also used in high-quality coats, and is an elegant, tightly woven fabric made from high-quality combed yarn with excellent luster. For the hakama part, which requires strength, we use Cordura fabric, which has excellent tear and abrasion resistance. The supplied tanned leather has a dyed finish that takes advantage of the original atmosphere of the leather, and the more you use it, the more gloss it becomes, allowing you to enjoy the tasteful changes over time. *About biowash processing A processing method that uses enzymes to wash fabrics to give them a natural distressed feel. *Male model height: 173cm *Female model height: 161cm