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SERVICE / C-JKT 202spnh-jkm01

Chino material 3B jacket with natural unevenness and aging. Single tailoring that can be worn all season. A spacious silhouette that is reminiscent of work wear. BAGGY pants And setup.Size in...

WAVES / E-JKT 202tsnh-jkm05

Pullover jacket with polyester taffeta and mesh lining. Square pockets and side pockets on the front body switched with the bust line. Ventilation is installed on the back. Stand collar that holds the hood. With Velcro cuff tabs. Pants And setup.Size...

MIL-PACK / C-VEST 202tqnh-jkm01

A hunting vest with modern details and enhanced functionality as a bag. A utility pocket that connects to the front and back. Equipped with a handle with a tube that is easy to carry. The lining mesh is used according to the part, giving a comfortable...

FISHTAIL / CN-COAT 202ytnh-jkm03

A fish tail coat made of cotton/nylon water repellent fabric. With a hidden snap, a flap pocket and a brand name on the left chest. A generous silhouette.Size in Centimeters Size LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE S 94 65.5 70.5 56...

HARRINGTON / CN-JKT 202sinh-jkm03

A zip-up jacket with the Harrington jacket as the base and the yoke on the front body switched to a snap. Made from elastic cotton/nylon blended grosgrain fabric, the lining uses an original textile digitally scanned with a vintage bandana. In addition...

TRACK / N-JKT 202aqnh-jkm05

A big silhouette nylon track jacket with water repellent fabric. Front zip, stand collar with side pockets with zipper. Shirred hem and cuffs. A logo patch is attached to the left chest.Size in Centimeters Size LENGTH CHEST SLEEVE S 71...

DRIZZLER / EC-JKT 202tsnh-jkm02

Drizzler jacket using soft TC twill. Single tailoring that can be worn all season. BAR & SHIELD logo printed on the left chest and back.Size in Centimeters Size LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE S 65.5 46 55.5 58.5 M 68...

TCB / CE-JKT 202ytnh-jkm04

A stand-up zip-up jacket with a chemical wash on cotton/polyester indigo fabric. Designed to switch from shoulder to sleeve. The brand name is placed on the left chest, and the hem and cuffs are shirred for a big silhouette. TCB pants And setup.Size in...

STOCKMAN TYPE-A / C-JKT 202xbnh-jkm01

12oz. Denim jacket using original denim. Traditional detail such as cinch back with one-sided pocket specification. An original donut button is attached to the green button ball. one-Wash.Size in...