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DECK / C-JKT 202sinh-jkm06

Deck jacket with gourd quilt lining on cotton satin. In addition to the plain color, the hood and sleeves are switched to the original Puma duck in two colors.Size in Centimeters Size LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE S 65.5 45...

B-15D . MOD / C-JKT 202xonh-jkm03

A flight jacket with a wool bore collar based on Ventile cotton, which is thin yet windproof, waterproof and durable by weaving it at high density. Side pockets with snaps and knit ribbed cuffs. A modern finish that makes each detail stand out by...

LINER . MOD / C-JKT 202ytnh-jkm01

An oversized liner jacket based on a gourd quilt made from sulfur-dyed fabric and switched with an original textile that has a vintage bandana transferred. Opening and closing with zipper and button. The tabs on the cuffs are designed with the remnants...

PCS / E-JKT 202xonh-jkm01

PCS jacket with supple polyester ripstop taffeta. The batting is equipped with Primaloft and the fleece-lined collar has a built-in hood. A spacious silhouette with an ID logo printed on the left chest.Size in...

HC . CHESTER / WE-COAT 202aqnh-jkm02

Chester coat made of wool that combines herringbone with a plaid pattern. Loose silhouette of raglan sleeves. One-sided pocket attached diagonally. Center vent on the back and original satin fabric on the lining. HC .WIDE Setup with.Size in...

HC . GOVERNOR / WE-JKT 202aqnh-jkm04

A colorless jacket made of wool that combines a herringbone pattern with a plaid pattern. The lining is equipped with the original satin fabric. One-sided pocket attached diagonally. A brand name is attached to the chest pocket. HC .WIDE Setup with...

CHESTER / W-COAT 202aqnh-jkm01

Chester coat using soft beaver melton with a feeling of hair. A casual impression with a loose silhouette and patch pockets with bulges. Center vent on the back. The lining is equipped with the original satin fabric.Size in...

BAL / E-COAT 202xonh-jkm02

Balma Khan coat with batting that encloses Primaloft in a high-density polyester fabric with Teflon processing. The lining uses an original fabric that is digitally scanned from a vintage bandana. An oversized silhouette with a plain outing and a welt...

TACTICAL . MOD / CN-JKT 202tsnh-jkm07

A high-necked batting jacket that is a modified tactical jacket. A fleece that feels good against the skin is provided on the back of the collar and the back of the pocket, and the collar that covers the mouth stores the hood. Primaloft batting with...

DECK-PUFF / E-JKT 202tsnh-jkm03

Two types of polyester taffeta (water repellency on the outer material and excellent antistatic properties on the lining) Short length down jacket. Stand collar with N-1 jacket as a motif. Piping pocket with built-in signature tape. Built-in drawcord...

BOA . CREW / EA-JKT 202aqnh-jkm07

Big silhouette pullover jacket with thick bore fleece. Equipped with hand warmer pockets on the side, in addition to elbow patches for reinforcement, chest pockets of the same fabric are included. BOA .BAGGY Setup with.Size in...

SAVAGE . GOVERNOR / C-JKT 202xbnh-jkm04

Colorless denim jacket with savage processing based on 12oz. Original denim. Work style with triple stitching for side seams and raglan armholes. The buttonhole has a color scheme. A generous silhouette.Size in...

MIL-HANTEN / C-JKT 202sinh-jkm02

A big silhouette jacket based on M-65 with the details of "Hanten". The lining is equipped with a gourd quilt that has moderate heat retention and a thick feel, and has four military-style flap pockets. The silhouette can be adjusted with the drawcord at...

ATV / CR-JKT 202sinh-jkm05

Stand collar jacket using soft touch rayon mixed corduroy. Original thread lining. The placket opens and closes with a zipper and snap buttons. It has a vertical chest pocket and side pockets for easy access. ATV WP .WIDE Setup with.Size in...

SAVAGE . S.C.C. / C-JKT 202xbnh-jkm03

A coverall with a savage finish based on 12oz. Original denim. Realistic aging with natural shades and stains and drips. Lagran sleeve with triple stitching. A generous silhouette.Size in Centimeters Size LENGTH CHEST SLEEVE S 70.5 56...

HC . COVERALL / WE-JKT 202aqnh-jkm03

Coveralls using original textiles that combine herringbone with a plaid pattern. Loose silhouette of raglan sleeves. Dress down with a large patch pocket that matches the pattern with a traditional look. The lining is equipped with the original satin...

SMOCK . MOD / CE-JKT 202ytnh-jkm02

A smock jacket that uses a gourd quilt made of sulfide-dyed fabric and an original textile with a vintage bandana in a patchwork style. The placket, flap pockets, and hood that covers the chin have a built-in size-adjustable drawcord. A generous...

SERVICE / C-JKT 202spnh-jkm01

Chino material 3B jacket with natural unevenness and aging. Single tailoring that can be worn all season. A spacious silhouette that is reminiscent of work wear. BAGGY pants And setup.Size in...