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TGT-1 / C-JKT 201aqnh-jkm02

MA-1 jacket made of sulfurized back satin material with embroidery and print with a man target motif. Loose silhouette with quilted liner and side pockets with snap buttons. Utility pocket with eyelet leather pull tab. The cuff ribs have a different...

NHAB . LAB / PE-JKT 201tsagn-jkm01

Waterproof shell parka using glossy tarpaulin. Chest pocket with waterproof zip, flap design on waist pocket and embossed logo on cuff tab. Both logos are printed on the top and back of the right pocket. Collaboration model with Abu Garcia.Size in...

WAVES / N-JKT 201tsnh-jkm04

Half-zip anorak jacket with reflector piping from yoke to sleeves. Cuffs and hem have elastic rubber and built-in spindle. Embroidered logo on left chest. A generous silhouette with ample width.Size in...

PACK / C-VEST 201tsnh-jkm05

A cotton vest pack vest featuring a fishing vest as a motif and a zipper fly front style that allows for easy attachment and detachment. It has four fronts, including zippered pockets with mesh dividers, and a large rear gear pocket. Available in M and L...

ANORAK / EC-JKT 201ytnh-jkm02

Anorak parka using poplin material of cotton / polyester blend. Equipped with side pockets for zip fly, in addition to flap pockets attached to the center of the body with extra space. Food details designed to cover the mouth. The waist can be adjusted...

SAVAGE . STOCKMAN TYPE-A / C-JKT 201xbnh-jkm02

Denim jacket with savage finish based on 12oz. Original denim. Realistic aging with natural discoloration with shading, plus drip and dirt. The original donut button with damage is accented with rainbow twist box stitches.Size in...

STADIUM / N-JKT 201tsnh-jkm03

Baseball jacket using glossy nylon twill. Embroidered logo on chest. Reflector piping is located at the rib mouth pocket opening. A silhouette with room.Size in Centimeters Size LENGTH SHOULDER CHEST SLEEVE S 65.5 46.5 58 63...

BROOKS / N-JKT 201tsnh-jkm01

Raglan sleeve coach jacket in authentic nylon. The lining is equipped with a brushed material field sensor that keeps the inside of the clothes comfortable without stuffiness. Embroidered logo on right chest. Element printed on left chest and back.Size...

PARATROOPER / N-JKT 201tsnh-jkm07

Paratrooper jacket made of Cordura nylon with excellent waterproofness and durability. Tabbed flap pockets on front and epaulets on both shoulders open / close with snap buttons. Optional on the back Best (HUNGER / N-VEST) With a buckle that can be...

HELICREW . TIGER / C-JKT 201aqnh-jkm03

Heli crew jacket using original tiger stripe ripstop cotton. A quilted liner with nylon lip in a short length silhouette with a width of the body with room. Equipped with zippered chest pocket for easy access and side pockets with Velcro closure. The...

HUNGER / N-VEST 201tsnh-jkm08

Mesh vest using Cordura nylon with excellent waterproof and durable motif based on UK tactical vest. Tabbed flap pockets for smooth opening and closing. Utility specification with velcro tape for fixing hydration in the chest. Optional on the...

R . THUNDER / EC-JKT 201tsnh-jkm09

Reversible batting with a batting with a V-shaped surface from the body to the sleeve and a back side with a patch pocket design with a full pattern. Stand collar reminiscent of a truck jacket, gathered sleeves and hem. Available in black and charcoal...

DRIZZLER / EC-JKT 201spnh-jkm01

Classic drisler jacket using TC Chino cloth with excellent durability. Embroidered logo on right chest and devil motif elements on left chest and back. 6 different colors with a monogram original back on the back of the pocket.Size in...

COVERALL / EC-JKT 201spnh-jkm02

Coverall using TC Chino Cloth with excellent durability used for workwear etc. Embroidered logo at the top of the chest pocket. The back of the hand pocket has a monogram original sleek design that also enhances strength and combines practicality.Size in...

SAVAGE . S.C.C. / C-JKT 201xbnh-jkm04

Coveralls with savage finish based on 12oz. Original denim. Realistic aging with natural discoloration with shading, stains and drip. Raglan sleeve with triple stitching. Box silhouette with extra width.Size in...

INK / C-JKT 201ytnh-jkm03

"INK" series inspired by French workware. Coverall type work jacket using cotton chino with fading look unique to sulfur dyeing. The center of the front and back is applied with a patch cloth, and the stitches are used to remake it everywhere. Available...

INK / C-COAT 201ytnh-jkm04

"INK" series inspired by French workware. Atelier coat using cotton chino with a fading look unique to sulfur dyeing. Remake by stitch everywhere in addition to patch cloth by another place. A silhouette with a generous width that can be worn as an...