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nanamica Down Muffler SUKF047 5446

Material Supima Cotton Ponte Fabric(FACE:100% CottonBACK:100% Nylon)KODENSHI® Down A down muffler made of Supima cotton punch and polyester taffeta, which has a silky luster and is smooth and soft to the touch. An elongated design that is easy to wind...

nanamica Striped Down Muffler SUKF046 5445

Material Polyester Pique Stripe(FACE:100% PolyesterBACK:70% Polyester, 30% Nylon)KODENSHI® Down A striped down muffler that uses polyester with a striped pattern that has shape memory and a tenjiku that uses split yarn. It features a supple and soft...

nanamica nanamican Neck Warmer SUKF070 5468

Material Polyester Rayon Fleece(88% Polyester, 12% Rayon) Neck warmer using polyester rayon fleece material. It is a functional material characterized by moisture absorption and heat generation that absorbs moisture and generates heat. By cutting the...

nanamica Wool GORE-TEX Cap SUPF041 5440

Material Wool GORE-TEX Fabrics(FACE:67% Wool, 25% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 4% AcrylicBACK:100% Nylon) Country of Origin Japan Cap using GORE-TEX FABRICS with waterproof and breathable function. It is a 3-layer GORE-TEX FABRICS that uses tweed-like wool...

nanamica GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ Beanie SUPF042 5441

Material Acrylic Wool Knit(60% Acrylic, 40% Wool),GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® Liner Country of Origin Japan A voluminous beanie made by knitting warm and lightweight acrylic wool into a low gauge. GORE-TEX INIFINIUM WINDSTOPPER® lining is placed...

nanamica GORE-TEX Hat SUPF032 5427

Material 2L Cotton Twill GORE-TEX Fabrics(FACE:100% CottonBACK:73% Cotton, 27% Polyester) Country of Origin Japan A hat using GORE-TEX FABRICS with a waterproof and moisture permeable function. 2-layer GORE-TEX FABRICS using high-density dyed twill...

nanamica GORE-TEX Cap SUPF030 5425

Material Cotton GORE-TEX Fabrics(FACE:100% CottonBACK:100% Nylon) Country of Origin Japan A cap made of GORE-TEX with a waterproof and breathable function. 3 layer GORE-TEX FABRICS using a cotton material for the outer material. Classic 6-panel...

nanamica GORE-TEX Cap SUPF031 5426

Material 2L Nylon GORE-TEX PACLITE® PLUS(100% Nylon) Country of Origin Japan A cap made of GORE-TEX PACLITE® PLUS with a waterproof and breathable function. Two-layer structure with nylon outer material laminated with GORE-TEX membrane and protective...

nanamica Chino Cap SUPS014 5190

Material Cotton Polyester CCY (Cotton65%,Polyester35%) Country of Origin Japan A cap using the original Chino material of cotton polyester. Classic 6-panel baseball cap style. The front is embroidered with Namika. Uses ALPHADRY® tretch cloth with...

nanamica Bandana SUQF916 5056

Material Organic Cotton (Cotton100%) Country of Origin Japan Bandana made from organic cotton. I printed a college emblem that seems to be lined up on the campus. Perfect for accenting coordinates. Size in...

nanamica nanamican Tech Belt SURF915 5458

Material Webbing Tape(100% Polyester) Country of Origin Japan Tech belt using 100% polyester waving belt tape. The D-ring is made of plastic, which does not scratch metal detectors, eliminating the stress of removing the belt at airports. Simple...

nanamica ALPHADRY® Cap SUPS035 5156

Material ALPHADRY® Speckled Dyeing Print (Polyester100%) Country of Origin Japan Classic 6-panel baseball cap style. The front is embroidered with Namika. Uses ALPHADRY® LETCH CROSS that has excellent quick-drying properties inside. The buckle...

nanamica Nylon Chambray Cap SUPS076 5092

Material Nylon Chambray (Nylon100%) Country of Origin Japan 6 panel cap made of 100% nylon chambray material. It features a natural indigo-like look, but is lightweight and quick-drying. Since it is not indigo dyed, it does not fade. Uses ALPHADRY®...

nanamica nanamican Trail Cap SUPS046 5263

Material Polyester Taffeta (Polyester100%) Country of Origin Japan A cap made of polyester taffeta and polyester ripstop. The inside is made of ALPHADRY® LETCH CROSS, which has excellent quick-drying properties, and the sides are meshed to improve...