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Evisen Skateboards

DENIS T-SHIRT 20SS-T02 149121833

A simple pocket T-shirt with a wash finish. A tough T-shirt that uses fleece and is comfortable to wear. Material: Cotton 100%
Evisen Skateboards

Hue LS 20SS-T01 149122464

It is LST where the cool older brother you saw in Harajuku was coming. I finished the switching pattern with a playful color scheme. Material: Cotton 100%
Evisen Skateboards

DELUXE × EVISEN Oiran TEE 20ss-DLX05 151653749

• Uses a tightly packed high-age jersey that has a firm texture and surface feel, yet has a soft texture. • The embroidery of the original pattern is applied in the same color to make one piece with impact. Material: Cotton 100%
Evisen Skateboards

HUE T-SHIRT 20SU-T01 151977679

The short sleeves of the LS worn by the cool older brother I saw in Harajuku. Accented with a front pocket and playful switching. Add a distinctive accent to the summer silhouette that tends to be a tinker. Material: Cotton 100%