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Luggage Label is Japanese Top Bag Manufacture, Yoshida's Premium Bag Lineup.

Based on the concept of combining originality and basic, Yoshida Kaban (Kaban means bag in English.) announced Luggage Label in 1984.

Luggage Label was launched following Porter for more advanced users. With "People who are particular about things" as the target, Yoshida Kaban always pursue originality by creating an image of the whole bag as well as originality in the parts and show dedication to sewing.Yoshida Kaban has been focusing on making bags made in Japan. The spirit of the founder, who was a craftsman and loved sewing by hand, "a needle in a soul" is now a company policy. It expresses the production of Yoshida Kaban, which does not cut corners in every process from selecting materials to designing and sewing, like the process of sewing each needle carefully.

Luggage Label

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