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Reverse Fleece Celtic Anorak K2011LC129

Anorak made with soft, thick fleece. A relaxed and relaxed silhouette. You can enjoy your favorite styling by opening and closing the top Tyrolean tape and front snaps.75% polyester 25% rayonSeparate cloth 100% cottonTape part 100% cottonSize in...

Damask Striped Fleece Snap T K2011LC106

Snap T made with a striped fleece that combines damask patterns. Accented with Tyrolean tape on the placket. It is an item that is moist and light to wear.* There are individual differences in the arrangement of patterns.100% polyesterSeparate cloth 100%...

Damask Striped Fleece Hoodie K2011LC131

A hoodie made with a striped fleece that combines a damask pattern. It is a unisex item that you can relax and wear with a big silhouette with plenty of volume and a soft texture.* There are individual differences in the arrangement of patterns.100%...

IDG Fleece Bibark BIG Sweatshirts EK-1032

An outdoor-style sweatshirt with a bold polyester material on the back. Simple and rough big silhouette. The texture and shoulder patch marks created by processing are reproduced.* This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothing etc. by...

TOP Fleece Dolman Sweatshirt (PIANO STATE) K2010LC065

TOP Dolman sleeve sweatshirt using fleece fabric. A relaxed and spacious BIG silhouette. It has a college sweatshirt taste and is printed with Native Americans playing a grand piano.100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length Back Shoulder...

Fleece Uneven Dyeing Bibark BIG Sweatshirt K2011LC831

An outdoor-style sweatshirt with a bold polyester material on the back. Simple and rough big silhouette. An exciting design with unevenly dyed fleece fabric.* There are individual differences in the dyeing condition.* This product uses quilted fabric...

MAZE Pattern Fleece Snap T K1911LC133EK-953

Snap T that expresses the maize pattern used for Indian jewelry in fleece. The maze pattern is a design that compares life to a maze. Highly heat-retaining and moisturized. It is a thin and light piece that can be worn.100% polyesterSeparate cloth 100%...

Damask Striped Fleece Overalls K2011OP133

Overalls made with striped fleece combined with damask patterns. The placket and backrest have one pocket. It is a piece that can be worn lightly while being a material with a moist texture and a sense of the seasons.* There are individual differences in...

Fleece Patchwork Lamp Dress K2010OP085

A sleeveless dress that combines fleece fabrics with 3 patterns. It has a structure like a curtain with deep slits in the front and back, and the swaying hem looks elegant. A layered item to combine with dresses and tops.100% polyesterSeparate cloth 100%...

14W Corduroy Winery Mother Dress K2010OP075

An apron-shaped dress made from fine-ridged corduroy. It is finished in a sharp silhouette with a clean upper body and a volumey skirt with plenty of gathers. It goes well with blouses and knits, and can be worn all season.100% cottonSize in...

TOP Fleece Fringe Long Baja Hoodie K1610OP158EK-1022

Using TOP fleece that is soft and soft to the touch, it is dropped into a long baha hoodie with a warm big silhouette. Fleece flicker everywhere on the cuffs, sleeves, pockets, etc., adding warmth to the appearance in the cold winter. As a dress, of...

MA-1 Nylon Flight Bolero (8 Smiles) K2011LJ118

A piece of bolero with MA-1 details such as orange lining, cord loops, and box tabs. A voluminous silhouette with batting. The sleeve is made of leather designed in the shape of a smile. Leather has individual differences in texture and cut surface, so...

Dogi Sashiko Boa Fleece KESA-JKT K2011LJ818

The fleece expresses the pattern of sashiko found in traditional craft dogi. It is oversized with a Japanese-style haori design. There is a wide map pocket on the back.A utility jacket with many pockets..100% polyesterLining 100% nylonSize in...

12G Wool Puff Sleeve High Neck Sweater K2011KN111

A high-gauge knit sweater with an impressive volumey puff sleeve. The ribs on the cuffs and neck are designed to be thicker, so you can arrange how to fold them to your liking. It is a relaxing item with a moderately loose silhouette.* This product is a...