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link Waist Bag 02346-v2

Size W320 H135 D80 mm Weight About 410g Material Nylon twill (special processing) / embossed cow leather Attention The leather used as an accessory has some color blur. Please note that discoloration and fading are unavoidable due to the...

spot Waist Bag 02293

Size W300 H200 D60 mm Weight About 450g Material 0.2mm thick PVC coating back 600d polyester / 0.44mm thick embossed tarpaulin / PVC mesh / MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA® 420d nylon 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) / 1680d nylon back...

master-piece reyouth Waist Bag 02942-re

Size W295 H130 D85mm Material ・ BLACK 670d nylon / Kip Nume leather ・ NAVY CORDURA® 610d fabric 100% polyester / oiled cow leather Attention The attached leather may have some blurring in color and texture. Also, please note that...

STREAM Leather ver. Waist Bag 55528-l

Size W390 H160 D50mm Weight About 350g Material Stair leather "SCOTCHGARD®" Attention Leather has some color blur. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. The...

master-piece x nowartt Waist Bag 525152-p19

Size W320 H160 D100 mm Weight About 370g Material No. 11 canvas 0.3mm thick table PVC embossed / steer leather "SCOTCHGARD®" Attention Due to the characteristics of PVC processing, the needle hole of the sewn part of the main body material...

SPEC ver.2 Waist Bag 02570-v2

Size W280 H170 D55 mm Weight About 360g Material High-density nylon twill / Japanese black beef shrink leather (embossed) Attention Please note that due to the characteristics of the leather material, some color blur and discoloration...

LINK STRIPE ver. Waist Bag 02346-s

Size W320 H135 D80mm Weight About 430g Material Dungaree Stripe 0.3mm Thickness Table P.V.C.Embossing / Nylon Twill (Special Processing) / JES Standard Certified Eco-Nume Leather Attention Due to the nature of P.V.C. processing of the main...

Brain Leather Waist Bag 02241

Size W390 H230 D65mm Weight About 370g Material Shrink leather (Dyneema® bonding) / JES standard certified Econum leather / High density nylon twill Attention Due to the characteristics of leather, color migration and discoloration are...

EVER Denim × Hickory ver. Waist Bag 24256-v3

Size W320 H170 D70mm Weight About 290g Material 12oz denim / 11.5oz hickory denim / CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon / 1.8mm, 2.5mm thick cow leather (vegetable tannin tanned) Attention Please note that the denim of the body fabric...

FORCE Shoulder Bag 43272

Size W280 H210 D90mm Weight About 460g Material MASTERTEX-06 (CORDURA® 100d × 420d NYLON 100% moisture-permeable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon (PVC coating) Stearereser (3M...

STREAM-F Waist Bag 55528-f

Size W390 H160 D50mm Weight Approx. 310 g Material FORZANO (600d polyester PU coating) / Enhance Stearescer "SCOTCHGARD®" Attention The body fabric may have a highly durable PU coating, or it may rub against a hard material, or the coating...

DEX Waist Bag 525152

Size W330 H170 D120mm Weight 470g Material 600 Denier Polyester (Surface: Highly durable Polyurethane) / Steerer Embossing (3M SCOTCHGARD®) Nylon twill Attention The material of the main body will be a material with a highly durable PU...

STRANGE Waist Bag 02463

Size W290 H220 D100mm Material 1000d nylon ox / okamoto super film / felt Attention Salt film generates static electricity due to friction. When transporting or storing the product, avoid places where it is exposed to high temperatures and...

LINK 2WAY Shoulder Bag S 02349

Size W190 H190 D55mm Weight 200g Material Nylon twill (special processing) / JES standard certified economizer Attention The laser used in the accessory is finished with only a dye to make use of the original texture of the laser, so there...

LINK CHECK ver. Waist Bag 02349-c

Size W190 H190 D55mm Weight 230g Material Gabin Check 0.3mm Thickness Table P.V.C Embossing / Nylon Twill (Special Processing) / JES Certified Eco-Numer Attention Due to the characteristics of P.V.C processing, the material of the body may...

master-piece x nowartt Waist Bag 24253-p17

Size W235 H195 D85mm Weight 550g Material High-density nylon twill / 1.8mm, 3mm thick cow razor Attention The leather used in the accessory uses pigments at all, and finishes with a lot of dye to take advantage of the original texture of...