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JAVA-YABANE Pattern Fleece Burmese Coat K2010OP059

Fleece coat with arrow feather pattern. The arrow feather pattern of Asian ethnic design is expressed in fleece. The front is fastened with a string and snap buttons. With slits, it doesn't become too heavy and you can wear it lightly. An Asian design...

9W Corduroy Fochle Mosiri Pattern SHA-KA-COAT K2010LJ814

A haori coat made from 9wale corduroy fabric. The Ainu pattern is embossed on the entire surface, and the Ainu pattern appears clearly where the texture of the color fading process is strong.* This product is second hand processed. Tear or damage due to...

60/40 Cross Colorful KAMAKURA Anorak Blouson K1708LJ001EK-1002

A blouson made from 60/40 cloth, a classic outdoor fabric. With the normal specifications, you can enjoy the voluminous neck and hood, and if you turn over the big bib, it will have a strong front line. If you pass the storage pouch attached to the back...

Tyrolean Wool Nomad Jacket EK-126EK-398EK-670EK-1018

A long jacket with a clean silhouette using soft and thick wool. It is a simple piece with spices, such as casually used leather and asymmetrical pockets with different expressions.100% hairOther 100% cottonSome cowhide is usedSize in...

11.5Oz Denim Propeller Coat K2004LJ101

Denim coat that incorporates elements of shooting jackets and cock jackets. A pocket is placed on the left shoulder like a gun patch. The snap buttons containing the letters "KAPITAL" can be attached in two rows to securely close the front. There is also...

Cotton Dump Helicopter Dragging Coat (Blues Remake) K2003LJ058

A long coat tailored with a firm and firm dump fabric. The epaulettes are made of denim with botanical embroidery and smiley concho buttons. It is a unique piece with no other length that is likely to drag.*This product uses IDG dye. Colors may adhere to...

Mud-dyed Silk Fringe Coat K2003LJ050

A coat made of silk fabric that looks like muddy dye unevenness like cracked fabric of vintage wear. A long-length silhouette with a slightly wider hem based on the design of the coach jacket. Decorated by increasing the volume of the fringe found in...

IRAGO Pile Sashiko Pattern Liner Long Coat K2003LJ007

A liner coat made of pile fabric with a unique tie at the front. Military details, such as armpit and elbow reinforcements found on vintage liner coats. The design of the fabric is a sashiko pattern, with the addition of a characteristic band and the...

Ripstop Brushed Camo Alpine Ring Coat K1903LJ026EK-860

Coat using bold camouflage ripstop fabric as if painted with a large brush. The large size that covers your body like a sleeping bag and the voluminous details around the neck make it suitable for town use as well as outdoor scenes. Using a moderately...

IDG Nel Hoshi Kasuri Discharge pt KAKASHI Coat EK-810

A simple long coat that incorporates a kimono design. One piece printed with cloth for Kasuri discharge printing. Using cotton flannel fabric, it feels good and warm and comfortable.* This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothes by...

IDG Flannel Mask Discharge Printing pt Dragging Coat K1910LJ116

A long coat of flannel fleece that is long enough to drag the hem.Suitable for chilly seasonMade with cotton flannel, plump, warm and gentle touch. Sampling is performed from used damask cloth, and the color and texture unique to used cloth are...

11.5Oz Denim Dragging Coat (Journey Remake) K1910LJ123

A long denim long coat that is long enough to drag the hem. 11.5oz denim is vintage-processed, and sparsely populated with irregular patch pockets on the inside of the court, as if it were installed during a heavy luggage journey. The smiley button on...

Shaggy Melton CPO Slappie Shirt Coat K1611LS294EK-581EK-839

A bulky and light shaggy melton for a big size shirt. The fun of oversized men's shirts has been arranged into an outer length that can be worn over the dress.90% wool 10% nylonSeparate cloth 100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length...

7Wel Corduroy CPO Slappy Shirt Coat K1610LS139K1710LS174EK-808

Shirt coat tailored with seasonal Dazai corduroy. This is a big silhouette shirt coat that can enjoy an unbalanced coordination, and is recommended for those who want to wear a different coat.The leather elbow patch is a casual accent.100% cottonCowhide...

8OzIDG × IDG Denim Slappy Shirt Coat K1711LS230EK-675EK-823

A slappy shirt using a quilting material with batting on the lining. The outer material is a deep shade of INDIGO x INDIGO denim, which can be enjoyed over time. In a relaxed silhouette, I recommend wearing a sleeve to show a glossy quilted area.100%...

Double Woven Denim x Quilted Slappy Shirt Coat K1611LS296EK-696

A double woven shirt coat that is comfortable and comfortable. One piece that you can enjoy a coordinated oversized silhouette. The lining is quilted, and the red color that appears and disappears is an accent.* This product uses IDG dye. The color may...

8Oz Denim KAKASHI Coat (Journey Remake) K1909LJ058

A kimono-style coat made of denim fabric, remade by craftsmen at the KOUNTRY factory. An irregular patch pocket with an atmosphere that seems to be attached during a journey with lots of luggage. It is a piece finished with a design that looks as if it...

Wig Brushed Tall TRI-P Coat EK-192EK-447

A double-breasted P coat is arranged like a KAPITAL and appears in a triple specification with three buttons. The tricky original idea has further expanded the way of wearing. A coat like a sleeping bag that can be worn anywhere and anytime.100%...