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Japanese world-class Fashion Brand KAPITAL Online Shop

Design concept of KAPITAL is the fusion of the West and Japan. EAST MEETS WEST, a blend of Japanese and Western styles.

KAPITAL was founded in Kojima, Okayama, the birthplace of Japan Denim. The company set up a sewing factory to produce jeans under a famous brand. In 1996, in order to express their own concept, they launched their own brand, KAPITAL and began producing the first model of jeans. By the way, the jeans are still produced and sold. The company's name was firstly CAPITAL when they started, but when the first shop was opened in a different location from the head office, they changed the brand and shop name from "CAPITAL" to "KAPITAL" to avoid a confusion with other shops having the same name.

KAPITAL started with the production of jeans, but now they produce many items, mainly denim wear. With the exception of a few items such as shoes and accessories, all of KAPITAL items are made in KAPITAL own factories. A few years ago, KAPITAL aquired a factory that carries out the wash and has been doing all the washing and processing that characterize KAPITAL products today.

Processing and sewing are KAPITAL's strength. KAPITAL craftpersons sew denim with a conscious of processing. There are still few brands in the world that can do both sewing and processing.


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