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Floral Pattern x Gingham Check Hair Band K2104XH546

A wide hair band with a design that looks like two pieces of cloth crossing each other. A combination of gingham check and floral fabric.60% cotton 40% hempSize in Centimeters Size Head Measure Width One Size 57 15 Size in...

Wool 2Ways Head And Neck Band K1910KN537

A 2-way type hair band in which woolen yarn with a gentle touch is knitted. It can be worn around your neck as a little scarf.* This product is a rough knitted fabric, so be careful of catches and frays when wearing it. Be very careful when handling...

Rain Smile Concho Hair Elastic K1903XG518EK-893

Hair elastic using unique smiley concho. It is also recommended as a gift, as an accessory or as a bracelet.Size in Centimeters Size 直径(コンチョ部分) One Size 2.5 Size in Inches Size 直径(コンチョ部分) One Size 1

Cotton Knitted Cable Knitted 2 Way Headband K1810XG551

A hair band made of soft cotton knit material. You can use it as a little scarf around your neck.※ This product is a roughly knitted fabric, so when wearing it, please be careful about hooks and looseness. Please be careful on handling.100% cotton