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Double Gauze IDG Tie-dyed Long Tail Hair Band K1703XG533EK-740

Hair band with beautiful indigo shade using soft double gauze. By crossing the tail on both sides and fastening with the button on the other side of the ear, you can arrange as if you are rolling a turban. It will be a cute look even if you tie the long...

Lamenite Belay K1904KN533

I made a knit belay using a light and cool material. The combination of lame in the dull color without beauty is feminine, and it is an item perfect for summer coordination.※ This product is a roughly knitted fabric, so please be careful when hooking or...

8G Cotton Knit 2TONE Hair Band K1804KN588

A two-tone hair band roughly woven with 100% cotton. While there is a good sense of volume, a clean mesh gives a cool and refreshing impression. Regardless of the season, it is an easy-to-wear item.100% cotton

Hand Knit TUGIHAGI Fur Headband K1811KN597

A headband made of patchwork with a hand-knitted knit that uses a string like a natural material or a string that tears a cloth, and a cocoon yarn that is mixed with various roots and formation threads. It is an excellent point with functionality with a...

Cotton Knitted Cable Knitted 2 Way Headband K1810XG551

A hair band made of soft cotton knit material. You can use it as a little scarf around your neck.※ This product is a roughly knitted fabric, so when wearing it, please be careful about hooks and looseness. Please be careful on handling.100% cotton

Snake Pattern Long Tail Hair Band (ASHBURY DYED) KOR906XG09

Hair band combining snake pattern and tie dye pattern. Cross the tails on both sides and stack the fabric as if you were rolling a turban. When you tie the long tail to the top, it looks cute. You can enjoy several ways of winding in the mood of the day,...