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Wool 2Ways Head And Neck Band K1910KN537

A 2-way type hair band in which woolen yarn with a gentle touch is knitted. It can be worn around your neck as a little scarf.* This product is a rough knitted fabric, so be careful of catches and frays when wearing it. Be very careful when handling...

10Oz IDG x IDG Denim BOOK BAG (Ai T-B Pocket) K1910XB555

A wide gusset tote bag that can accommodate thick Western books. Made from denim, the shoulder straps have a Japanese-style print, hemp patch and crimp pockets.*This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothing when worn.*This product is...

Rain Smile Concho Hair Elastic K1903XG518EK-893

Hair elastic using unique smiley concho. It is also recommended as a gift, as an accessory or as a bracelet.Size in Centimeters Size 直径(コンチョ部分) One Size 2.5 Size in Inches Size 直径(コンチョ部分) One Size 1

Lamenite Belay K1904KN533

I made a knit belay using a light and cool material. The combination of lame in the dull color without beauty is feminine, and it is an item perfect for summer coordination.※ This product is a roughly knitted fabric, so please be careful when hooking or...

Cotton Knitted Cable Knitted 2 Way Headband K1810XG551

A hair band made of soft cotton knit material. You can use it as a little scarf around your neck.※ This product is a roughly knitted fabric, so when wearing it, please be careful about hooks and looseness. Please be careful on handling.100% cotton

Snake Pattern Long Tail Hair Band (ASHBURY DYED) KOR906XG09

Hair band combining snake pattern and tie dye pattern. Cross the tails on both sides and stack the fabric as if you were rolling a turban. When you tie the long tail to the top, it looks cute. You can enjoy several ways of winding in the mood of the day,...