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"Porter" is a person who carries customers' luggage at a hotel, etc., and since he/she knows the goodness of bags well, Yoshida Kaban decided the brand name and released the brand "Porter" in 1962. Based on the spirit and skills of Japanese craftspersonship in "a needle in a soul" the high quality, functional yet simple design of Porter bag and wallet is loved by men and women of all ages.

Yoshida Kaban (Kaban means Bag in Japanese) is a bag manufacturer with over 80 years of history. Kichizo Yoshida founded "Yoshida Kaban" in 1935. Kichizo is a bag craftsman himself.

He always took care of craftspersons mentality and always worried about whether the work was being distributed among the craftspersons and he visited them bringing rice in the summer and charcoal in the winter. Even when they were given "Mimosa Award (an award honoring the achievements of a person involved in a fashion)" they were given "Kichizo YOSHIDA and Yoshida Kaban Craftspersons" instead of "Kichizo Yoshida" personally. There are lots of episode that he took care of the craftspersons so much.

Actually, in apparel industry, "made of XXX" can be labeled by the country where the final process was done. So even if you just put your brand name at the end of manufacturing process, you can say, "Made in Japan". Of course, Yoshida Kaban doesn't do that at all. From the beginning to the end of production, Yoshida Kaban focus on producing products only made in Japan. Apparently, this kind of brand is rare in these days.

If you use a bag for a long time, there will be something wrong with it and it will need to be repaired. As they looks at the bag, they can see which studio made the Yoshida bag, so they repair it there, original studio where the bag was manufactured. By doing so, the craftspersons themselves can analyze the weak parts and they will make use of them in the future products. It's a key that Yoshida Bag keep improving their quality.