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8W Corduroy Bash Overall (Processing) K2011OP104

Overalls made with thick-ridged corduroy. Rough and wide tapered silhouette. The length of the adjusters and shoulder straps on both sides can be adjusted. The craftsmen of KOUNTRY express the unique color like a vintage item by processing.* This product...

TOP Fleece Reconstruction Remake Sweatshirt K2012LC830

* TOP Fleece reconstructed remake BIG sweatshirt is a non-brushed model.A sweatshirt that looks like a vintage sweatshirt disassembled and reconstructed. A design that combines a smiley face and a portrait of Beethoven. A sweatshirt that combines a BIG...

Cotton Dump Shimokita Saruel Pants (ASHBURY DYED) K2005LP182

Sarouel pants with a tight waist. Uses a firm and firm dump fabric dyed in a refreshing tie dye pattern. The elastic waist elastic is removable. Although it has a loose silhouette, it has a large tack, so it is casual pants with a somewhat formal...


1ST jacket using BORO fabric created using KAPITAL's processing technology. The lining of the conventional "BORO 1ST JKT" is made of rayon fabric with rags printed on it, making it light and comfortable, and finished as a unique light outerwear.* Please...

8Oz Denim Sukiyaki Western Shirt (ASHBURY DYED) K1902LS821EK-898

Western shirt of 2way specifications tailored with 8oz denim. If you close the front straight, it becomes A line. Oriental atmosphere when combined like a kimono. A fun piece with a playful touch, such as a flap pocket shape and plenty of snap buttons...

India Smiley Patch pt Crew Long T (ASHBURY DYED) K1902LC828EK-925

Tie dye Ron T with smiley print on sleeve. The tie dye is carefully dyed by a country craftsman, and the pattern is different for each piece, each showing a different look. Recommended as an inner item with a simple silhouette.* There are individual...

Fleece Crew Sweat (Battery College pt) KR2002LC22

College sweatshirt in fleece fabric with battery bird printed on the chest. A pale shade that reproduces the texture of vintage. A pennant-type KOUNTRY name is placed on the cuffs. One piece that is active in all seasons because it is easy to layer with...

8Oz Denim Western Shirt (ASHBURY DYED) K1902LS819EK-899

Western shirt using denim dyed in a refreshing indigo blue and pink tie-dye pattern. The chest pocket and smile pisname placed in the asymmetry are accented.* There are individual differences in the condition of dyeing. Please note.* This product uses...

Wiggi High Waist Neem Pants (ASHBURY DYED) K2003LP069

High waist pants with tapered wide silhouette. Durable and gentle touch using wig material. Tie-dye patterns like light ink are carefully dyed one by one by KOUNTRY craftsmen, each showing a different look.* There are individual differences in the...

Wig Shimokita Pants (ASHBURY DYED) K2003LP082

Wide-tack easy pants dyed in a gorgeous tie-dye pattern. The stepped rubber waist creates a firm hold and provides comfortable wear. Pants that can be worn roughly as one-mile wear.* There are individual differences in the condition of dyeing.100%...

18.5 /-India IDG Dyeing Crew T (Blue Bear pt) KR2002SC19

Crew T dyed in refreshing indigo blue. It is a cute piece printed with a denim color teddy bear.* This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothes by wearing.100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length Back Shoulder...

NORA × KAYA BORO Beach Vest K1603SJ088EK-838

KAPITAL's original BORO processing technology that combines its own sewing and dyeing factory in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture. A beach vest made of original fabric, with generously poured know-how of processing for more than 30 years that has changed and...

Vintage Satin Mexican Tuxedo Westerner K1910LJ804

A westerner inspired by Mexican festivals. A design that adds a deformed large bone embroidery to a cotton satin with a dull luster and astringency like vintage. The length and length of the sleeves are long, the width and width of the sleeves are tight,...

Vintage Satin Mexican Tuxedo 5P OKAGILLY K1910LP806

Pants with the image of a Mexican festival. A design that adds a deformed large bone embroidery to a cotton satin with a dull luster and astringency like vintage. A neatly tapered silhouette.100% cotton Size Waist Hip Around the...

Wig Lumberjack Damaged High Waist Neem Pants K1910LP810

Wide silhouette pants with high waist and taper. Durable and gentle touch using wiggling material. Processed by craftsmen of KOUNTRY, and quaint remakes like vintage items are applied everywhere.100% cottonBatter 1 Cotton 100%Batting cloth 2 100%...

18.5 / -Tenjiku Crew Pocket T (ASHBURY DYED) K1910SC821

A simple silhouette T-shirt with a unique tie-dye pattern. The tie-dye pattern carefully dyed by KOUNTRY craftsmen is slightly different for each sheet, and each shows a different expression.* There are individual differences in dyeing conditions for...