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Velveteen J-WAVE Souvenir Cardigan K2003LJ001

A cardigan embroidered with surf spots from all over Japan in an exotic embroidery atmosphere found in Sukajan. Thin batting specification with a spacious silhouette. The front is made of satin fabric that has been processed and has a beautiful gradation...

IRAGO Pile Arabesque Liner Coat K2003LJ004

A liner coat made of pile fabric with a unique tie at the front. Military details, such as armpit and elbow reinforcements found on vintage liner coats. The fabric has an arabesque design, with a characteristic sash added and a Japanese essence added...

IRAGO Pile Liner Coat K2003LJ008

A liner coat made of pile fabric with a unique tie at the front. Military details, such as armpit and elbow reinforcements and shoulder epaulets found on vintage liner coats, are incorporated. Epaulette uses a button with a smile design. A design that...

Betsujin J-WAVE Souvenir Poncho K2003LJ003

Souvenir jacket style poncho with glossy velveteen and MAP pattern embroidery. A unique design that includes Japanese surfing spots and the Korean Peninsula, reminiscent of vintage items. An item that can be used by men and women with a generous...

8OzIDG × IDG Denim Spring Work Blouson K1703LJ050EK-604

The simple indigo-colored blouson with the concho button has made it a simple yet powerful presence. The generous width of the body and the width of the sleeves allow the body to swim and create a simple and stylish silhouette. A light blouson made of...

5G Cotton Knit BONE Vest K2003KN023

Best made with 5G cotton knit. Designed with deformed catchy bones on the back while reproducing the feeling of damage of vintage items, there are places that are broken or broken. One piece that combines a strong design with a soft and gentle atmosphere...

60/40 Cross Kung Fu Maungpa K2003LJ066

A new sense of outerwear that combines Chinese clothing and mountain jackets. The cloth uses outdoor classic 60/40 cloth, and the KAPITAL original ribs are used for the shoulders. It is a playful item that incorporates elements specific to China clothing...


1ST jacket using BORO fabric created using KAPITAL's processing technology. The lining of the conventional "BORO 1ST JKT" is made of rayon fabric with rags printed on it, making it light and comfortable, and finished as a unique light outerwear.* Please...

Velveteen J-WAVE Souvenir Blouson K2003LJ002

Souvenir blouson with embroidered surf spots from all over Japan. Comfortable to wear with short length thin batting specification. The front is made of satin fabric that has been processed and has a beautiful gradation. Because it uses buttons instead...

10Oz Cell Bitch Denim Kung fu Coverall K2003LJ011

Coveralls with details of Chinese clothing. We use 10oz cell bitch denim which designed original logo for cell bitch. The front also uses a snap button, so you can close it securely. Refreshing coveralls with clean stand collar and glossy China buttons.*...

11.5Oz Denim Westerner (Smile Embroidery) EK-861

Westerner with smile embroidery on sleeve. The width of the body, width of the shoulders, and width of the sleeves are set large to reproduce the silhouette of a vintage item from the 1960s. It is a basic and standard item that can be worn in various...

Reverse Fleece High Neck Poncho K1910LJ125

A poncho made of soft, thick fleece. The soft fleece has a texture that makes you want to bury your face. It is an item that can be worn comfortably by men and women with a long length and tacky volumey silhouette.75% polyester 25% rayonSize in...

Tirol Wool Moon MAZE Pattern Shaman Poncho K1912LJ173

Poncho using plump and thick wool material. A unisex item that can be worn even from the top of the coat, with a voluminous and spacious silhouette that looks like a large stall. The unique color and MAZE pattern are designed to recall vintage wear.*...

Denim × Nylon Quilting Biver Ring Coat (Journey Remake) K1911LJ164

Ring coat of denim fabric remade by craftsmen at KOUNTRY factory. The back has been boldly switched with nylon quilting. Irregular patch pockets with an atmosphere that seem to be attached during a trip with lots of luggage. It is a piece finished with a...

8Oz Denim Monkey Sukiyaki Coverall (Processed) K1603LJ104EK-849

One piece that mixes elements of Japanese kimono and elements of safari jacket with various pockets based on coveralls. If you close the front straight, it becomes a rough A-line coverall. When combined with a kimono, the coveralls have an oriental...

Birds Ivor Fleece Game Best K1911SJ141

Best fleece fabric game. The bird's eye of fine dots and the native pattern are expressed with fleece. Two large pockets on the front and one on the back for storage. It is an item that easily incorporates an outdoor taste into your everyday outfit.35%...

Ventile TRAGGLE Tall Ring K1910LJ118

New tall ring coat with seasonal design by toggle button of hood and wood. By using the toggle button, you can enjoy styling with the front line made by turning the bib inside out. Using a ventile material with excellent waterproofness, windproofness and...