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Rayon Kamehameha Cross pt Aloha Shirt K2006SS208

Aloha shirt made from rayon cloth. The textured fabric does not cling to the skin and can be worn lightly. The tropical landscape is trimmed in the shape of a cloth and printed on the front.100% rayonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length...

Linen Bruce Hickory KAKASHI Shirt K1904LS098EK-921

Kimono shirt with beige and saxophone slip pattern. A cotton linen material that is refreshing but familiar to the skin, and uses a fabric with a casual texture. It is a piece that can be worn roughly.60% hemp 40% cottonSeparate cloth 100% cottonSize in...

Dry Kanoko Box Polo K1905SC195EK-943

A polo shirt made of dry Kanoko with a refreshing feel. The loose silhouette and long sleeves give it a nostalgic feel. This is a perfect item for daily use.100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length Back Shoulder Width Bust Hem Sleeve...

Chambray Work Shirt (BONE Embroidery) K2004LS147

A work shirt with sleeves embroidered with bones. Comfortable and spacious silhouette. Design that combines chambray fabric with a vintage-like texture and damage processing and deformed pop bone embroidery.*This product is second-hand processed...

Soft Linen Open Collar BIG Shirt (ASHBURY DYED) K2004SS141

An open-necked shirt made of soft and soft linen. A big silhouette with a volume and an open silhouette. Each piece has a slightly different pattern, and each has a different look. It is also recommended to tie the hem.*There are individual differences...

French Cloth Linen Rainwabash Discharge pt Aloha Shirt EK944

Aloha shirt using French cross linen. A tasteful design in which the stripe pattern of Wabash is expressed with rain and the texture of discharge printing is reproduced with a print. A linen material that is dry and feels good even in hot and humid...

French Cloth Linen Aloha Shirt (Thunder Embroidery) K2005SS169

Aloha shirt using French cross linen. An exciting design that imitates a large lightning bolt with the embroidery seen on the furoshiki. A linen material that is dry and feels good even in hot and humid seasons, so you can enjoy the texture over time...

OX KOUNTRY Work Shirt K2003LS032

Work shirt using white Oxford. The collar and cuffs are worn and damaged to make it look like it has been torn. It is a discerning piece with a simple silhouette work shirt that has been remade like vintage items.*This product is partially cut off. There...

Silk Rayon Tipi Camouflage pt Aloha Shirt K2006SS207

Aloha shirt that combines a military camouflage pattern with a Native American landscape. The silk rayon is soft and comfortable to the touch. There is a pocket under the left side.Cupra 94% Silk 6%Size in Centimeters Size Body Length...

Boyle Gauze Star Kasuri Discharge pt Aloha Shirt K2006SS201

Aloha shirt with a bold star pattern print on cool linen material. The fabric that expresses the texture of Kasuri with the strength of discharge printing looks like a flag fluttering in the wind.*This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other...

Rayon Navaholland pt Aloha Shirt K1905SS179K2005SS159

Aloha shirt using a smooth and high-quality rayon material. You can relax and wear it with a moderately relaxed silhouette. It is a beautiful piece like a painting, in which the Navajo people and nature are colorfully painted.100% rayonSize in...

Soft Linen Hunting Nam Aloha K1805SS190EK-702

Aloha shirt with hunting wear details. A loose piece made of linen material with good breathability. It has five pockets with flaps, not only for storage but also as a shirt accent.Regenerated fiber (Lyocell) 70% Hemp 30%Size in...

Shirt Chino Kung fu Work Shirt K2004LS109

A work shirt that combines shiny China buttons with a stretched Chino cloth. Lightly processed to give it a vintage feel. It also has snap buttons on the front, so you can close it securely.* This product is second-hand processed. Breakage and damage due...

8Oz Denim Kung fu Work Shirt K2004LS110

A work shirt that combines shiny China buttons with refreshing denim fabric. Uses processed thin 8oz denim. It also has snap buttons on the front, so you can close it securely.* This product uses IDG dye. Color may adhere to other clothing when worn.100%...

Rayon Kamehameha BONEpt Aloha Shirt K2004SS151

A rayon aloha shirt designed with a cheerful tropical landscape. One piece with a cheerful pattern and open collar design with a feeling of openness. A catchy bone design with a strong presence is printed on the back, front and both sleeves.100%...

Gauze Bandana Patchwork pt KAKASHI Shirt K1904LS078EK-920

A kimono-style shirt made from bandana gauze fabric. The fabric used, such as the vintage bandana, faithfully reproduces the fading due to the processing technology and finishes in a pop patchwork pattern. The light texture and coloring are perfect for...

Rayon Virgin Maria pt Open Collar Shirt KR2002LS13

An open collar shirt made of rayon with a mysterious Maria print. One piece with an open color and a relaxed silhouette that is reasonably spacious. It is a luxury item that you can enjoy the elegant luster and drape unique to rayon.100% rayonSize in...