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Cotton Linen Siamese Stripe KENKA Shirt K2103LS025

An over-silhouette shirt made from exotic striped cotton linen material. A relaxed design with a kimono-style collar and plenty of gathers on the yoke. A patch pocket is attached to the inside of the left chest.* This product uses natural materials and...

Linen Canvas KENKA Shirt (Latvian Embroidery) K2103LS024

An over-silhouette shirt made from firm and firm linen canvas. A relaxed design with a kimono-style collar and plenty of gathers on the yoke. A patch pocket is attached to the inside of the left chest.* This product is embroidered on the fabric. Please...

Chambray Band Collar BIG Shirt (Cat Embroidery) K1804LS102EK-1083

A chambray shirt with cat embroidery. A big silhouette with a classic band color and a casual atmosphere. Each piece is hand-embroidered.* The embroidered part may be damaged due to friction or catching when worn. Please handle with care.100% cottonSize...

Linen Canvas Frilled Gypsy Blouse K2103LS019

A blouse made from white linen canvas with firm elasticity. A design that combines a wide box silhouette with a balloon sleeve. The frills are sandwiched in the front.* This product uses natural materials and values the characteristics and unique texture...

Gauze Bandana Patchwork pt Reversible KAKASHI Coat EK-1067

A kimono-style coat made from bandana-patterned gauze fabric. The vintage bandana-like fabric used is a processing technique that faithfully reproduces the fading and finishes it in a pop patchwork pattern. You can enjoy two colors with reversible...

8Oz Black Denim Lace-up Western Shirt (Ms) K2011LS121

Western shirt with impressive lace-up on both sleeves. Uses moderately thick black denim. It is an item that is particular about details such as lace-up and diamond-shaped dot buttons in a simple straight silhouette.* This product uses natural leather...

Chambray Ruffle Prague Shirt K1809LS008EK-995

A frilled shirt made from a silky and soft chambray fabric. The loose silhouette makes it a casual and comfortable piece that is not too classical.100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length Back Shoulder Width Chest Hem Sleeve...

21W Corduroy Band Color Nestle Shirt K2011LS096

A band collar shirt with a uniquely shaped pocket on the front. Uses a bright orange thin corduroy. A relaxed item with a relaxed and comfortable over-silhouette.100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length Back Shoulder...

OX x Leather Stand Cock Shirt K2010LS073

A stand-up collar shirt with the front part switched with pigskin. A straight silhouette with just the right amount of space. A simple item that incorporates workwear elements and is perfect for daily use.* This product uses natural leather.100%...

Chambray Work Shirt (Cactus Embroidery) K2009LS030

A refreshing chambray work shirt with embroidery. The cactus is embroidered in the hippie atmosphere found in vintage western shirts and work shirts.100% cottonSeparate cloth 95% cotton 4% hair 4% nylon 1%Size in Centimeters Size Body Length...

Cotton Striped Bowtie Pubs Shirt K2010LS074

A cotton shirt with two striped patterns and a large bowtie. Sizing with loose width and sleeve width. A unisex item with a classical design that can be worn regardless of the season.* This product has a mellow finish. Please be careful about friction...