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nanamica Denim Jacket SUAS303

nanamica Denim Jacket SUAS303

8th Jul 2024

Two-Patch Pocket Coverall Jacket: A jacket featuring two patch pockets.

Hybrid Denim: nanamica’s original hybrid denim, developed by covering the outer layer of recycled polyester with thick uneven yarn made from cotton. It is lightweight, durable, quick-drying, and allows for natural aging over time.

Design Basis: Inspired by 1940s vintage coverall jackets characterized by simplified designs due to wartime material restrictions.

Comfortable Fit: Utilizes raglan and yoke sleeves for a comfortable fit without shoulder seams.

Relaxed Fit: Designed with a loose fit.

Unlined Construction: Made as a single-layer garment without lining.

Zippered Inner Pocket: Includes an inner pocket with a zipper.

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