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Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

Silky Powder Twist Front Button Wrap Pan FN-P09-107

It is a silky powder material that is characterized by a smooth and smooth surface. The waist has rubber and straps, and it has a belt loop so you can wear it in various ways, and you can arrange it with the buttons. It has a unisex design and a volume...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

10 OZ Li Denim R-Flare Culotte P FS-P52-301

It uses a slightly thin 10 oz linen denim for a light impression. The silhouette is refreshing around the waist and from the front. Culot pants with flared back. As the volume at the hem is emphasized, the pants look nice and clear overall.Flax 100%Made...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

10 OZ Li Denim R-Hem Lace UP PNT FS-P55-301

It uses a slightly thin 10 oz linen denim for a light impression. The design is lace-up on the basic McKin pants. I use denim fabric, but the point is that it is not too casual.Flax 100%Made in JapanSize in Centimeters Size Waist Hip Around...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

60 Li Untwisting C.I. C2 Intac Thick Pants FN-P03-301

Uses high quality French linen thread. A soft, fluffy and unique texture is created by air tumbler processing.Straight pants with high waist that can be adjusted in size with side fittings. It's a lot of pants so you can wear it like a skirt. Another...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

Wrinkled Gabard Back Knitting Slim Pants FN-P02-100

I used Yoji Yamamoto's representative material wool gabardine. Wrinkles and wrinkles are added at the stage of finishing the fabric to maximize the original texture of wool.Pants with a slightly narrow silhouette. There is a braided part on the back side...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

Rayon Cambrick 2 Intack Thick Pants FN-P03-200

Rayon material with a modest luster and lightness.Straight pants with high waist that can be adjusted in size with side fittings. By taking advantage of the amount, you can wear it like a skirt.Viscose 100%Made in JapanSize in...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

10 oz Selvage Knee Square Gusset Slim Pants FN-P05-012

Denim that has been washed with the product. Slim pants with a slightly narrow silhouette.There is a braided part on the back side of the waist part for size adjustment. The upper waist and hem are trimmed. It has a square gusset on the side of the knee...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

Denim Skirt FS-P53-801

It features an asymmetrical design with a skirt fitted in denim pants.You can enjoy the contrast of texture with the combination of thick fabric and light fabric. Adjustable with suspenders and waist.It is recommended that you roll up the hem of the...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

7.5 oz Uneven Thread Denim Flared Culotte Pants FS-P52-002

I use 7.5 ounces of light denim.The silhouette is refreshing from the waist and freon. Culotte pants with a flared back, and the volume of the hem is emphasized, so the pants look neat overall.Coordination with the knit cardigan posted on the WEB SHOP is...
Yohji Yamamoto FEMME

Twill Tasser 7-Pocket Thin Sarouel Pants FS-P51-101

It uses a twill tasser that has an appropriate tension and has few wrinkles and is tailor-made.Slender pants with a small amount of weight are a popular item that goes well with any item. It is a unisex item that is easy for men to wear.Wool 100%Made in...