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Pe/Rayon Gabardine Stretch Bandage Coat US-C30-912

A long bondage coat with a suspended parachute belt with numerous D rings and straps.Interpretation of the punkish mode that has been attempted in past Wise Men and 16AW HOMME in recent years.Bondage punk detail that plays on a simple coat body that is...

Pe/Rayon Gabardine 2BS slim jacket US-J25-912

Waist dart and restrained length with a thin lapel.Thin and compact details overall.However, there is a certain amount of room and a sense of size only in the design of YY.The flap pockets are slightly figure-eight, and the compact side vents at the back...

Pe/Rayon Gabardine High color double vest US-V09-912

The best before W that shines in the three pieces of August Sander collection.The high collar can be set up or laid down, and even with a large number of buttons, the impact-sized collar buttons can be freely arranged by opening some trenches to fit the...

Pe/Rayon Gabardine Stretch Kimono Haori Jacket US-J24-912

Japanese and Western eclectic design.The interpretation of the sum that always flows as the source of YY follows the cardigan jacket of a big silhouette such as a front blade and a kimono sleeve.A hook loop at the front replaces the knot.* Pe / Rayon...

Sheepskin Riders Jacket US-Y33-700

Sheepskin is soft and soft enough to stick to your hands. Of course, while maintaining a certain thickness, which is unrelated to thinness, the lining is free of heavy-duty elements such as quilting, and cupra cotton and seasonless specifications are...

Soltex Packable Traveler 3BS Tailored Shirt Jacket US-J11-900

Packable traveler specification that the whole inner pocket of the main unit is stored and packaged! Featured material "SOLOTEX" is an easy-care material that has a flexible spring-like molecular structure, soft texture, and excellent morphological...

T/W Dobby Stripe Wrinkle Processing Chester Coat US-C11-106

Forced wrinkle processing that makes use of the texture of the real dobby stripe fabric with a combination of wool and poly is clear. The combination of poly makes the wrinkles rebound and gives a moderately sharp feeling. In addition, the easy-to-carry...

T/W Twill 3BS Tailored Shirt Jacket UJ-J09-104

The notched lapel tailored shirt jacket has a play at the cut-off part while keeping simplicity in mind, a collar is raised and a top button is used to add a degree of freedom with a stand collar. The seasonality unique to one piece tailoring is wide,...

Pe/Smooth Jersey Military Pullover Zip Hood Jacket UJ-Y16-903

A sports mix series that interprets the sporty material of the smooth jersey in a mode.The US Army pullover parka features a hood that covers the neck with a zipper instead of lace. The large inner kangaroo pocket and the inner zipper on both sides can...

Pe/Smooth Jersey Peak Lapel Jacket UJ-J07-903

A sports mix series that interprets the sporty material of the smooth jersey in a mode.Based on a wide peak lapel 1 button, the button and hole extend to the upper part of the lapel. Patterns such as waist darts and center vents follow the sport and mode...

Nylon Twill Reversible Gourd Quilted Blouson UJ-Y23-600

A perfect fit blouson that is completely reversible with MA-1 nylon and iron plate leopard quilting. In pursuit of cold protection and lightness with quilted cotton, it is not limited to liner-like quilting, and it is lightweight with detail that...

Compression Wool Shawl Collar Big Gown Coat UJ-C02-102

The classic wool compression tempura is the material that best reflects the smoothness, feel and feel of a single piece with an appropriate thickness.The texture that is easy to handle with the stretch feeling added to the feeling of brushing close to...

Compression Wool Snap Double Hood Coat UJ-C21-102

Arranged in a classic design that leads to the traditional details from a minimalist red label in front of a simple hooded double. The front can be adjusted with a hidden snap button, and the waist can be adjusted with a narrow waist belt. The back side...

Compression Wool Semi Double Cuts Collar Tailored Coat UJ-C22-102

The texture is rich and light, with wool being compressed and shrunk and further washed.The tailored type before the semi-double is arranged with a snap button for an exquisite size.A fancy cut-off collar is characteristically added to the sleeves and a...

Compression Wool Shawl Collar Single P Coat UJ-J15-102

A vintage P coat in front of a loofah color single. Jacket length detail with darts on the two-needle stitch. The large loofah collar gives YY the initial atmosphere, and the variation is expanded by holding the top button and making the collar look...