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Compression Wool Detachable Separate All-in-One UJ-D07-102

The texture is rich and light, with wool being compressed and shrunk and further washed. An all-in-one zipper blouson long coat that can be separated from the top and bottom. The center's blacked-out zipper also has a functional beauty as an elaborate...

Pe/Rayon Gabardine Stretc Tailored Wrap Dress UJ-D09-912

A dress with a coat length that draws a curve from the tailored collar and wraps under the waist. The balance of opening the front and draping the lap is also effective, and it can be used as a tailored long coat. There is a possibility that the waist is...

Pe/Rayon Gabardine Stretc Zipper Dress Coat UJ-D08-912

Blouson shirt collar with a military box pocket on one side accented with a center double zip minimalistic blouson long-length dress coat. Coat dress that assumes length and volume can be used as a coat as well as dresses and coats that can be worn on...

Pe/Rayon Gabardine Stretch Stand 5BW Trench Coat UJ-D10-912

Double button front collar and double front 5-button asymmetric trench coat. The architectural style of the button on one side is a true YY taste that the coat and dress coexist. Fully dressed with a sense of dress, three-seat and open, with a sense of...