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Cotton Plain Stitch Leopard Socks UJ-M04-083

Using a slightly different shape leopard print on a basic knitted fabric. Beige is particular about the pattern reminiscent of the past YY HOMME 92AW leopard pattern.50% Cotton24% Nylon21% Acrylic5% PolyurethaneMade in JapanSize in...

Brass Dog Tag Necklace UJ-A02-993

S'YTE recognition tag dock tag necklace that combines four parts with brass (brass) in a ball chain. The numbered hollow gold parts that can be found in antiques have hollowed out crows. The brand logo wraps around another circular silver blast plating...

2WAY Detachable Long Wallet UJ-A03-705

The wallet is built in so that it can be attached to and detached from the long wallet with a fastener. The coin purse mini wallet with key ring can store a smartphone in the pocket depending on the size. Can be used with the straps lowered. Only a long...

Rib Knit Cap UJ-H09-991

Shallow knit cap with ribbed knit. White brand name tapping is an accent. A feeling of fitting balance when covered with a rib switching shape.100% AcrylicMade in China

Wool Acrylic Jersey Big Snood UJ-L02-902

The single layer can be extended to the top of the waist, but it can be doubled to form a ring, and the triple layer can cover the neck perfectly and can be specified in three stages. To. The good point of snood is that it can be used without worrying...

Knit Crow Embroidery Stole UJ-L03-992

The crow motif handwritten YOHJI YAMAMOTO Planning Dept logo is expressed in embroidery as much as possible as a classic icon.100% AcrylicSize in Centimeters Size Height Width FREESIZE 54 193 Size in...

Cottonp Plain Stitch Logo Socks UV-M01-081

It is suitable for both men and women in two sizes with a basic red knitting color accented on a basic knitted fabric. The logo “S'YTE Yohji Yamamoto Planning Dept”, which is completed by combining left and right, is unique.54% Cotton 23% Acrylic 18%...

Cow Leather25mm Long Ring Belt UV-F01-700

A thin long belt with a width of 25mm and a length of 1450mm is attached to the leather quality as much as possible, and the double ring with dull plating on black is a simple specification that can be widely used as a waist mark arrangement for coats...

Cottonp Plain Stitch By Color Socks UV-M03-071

Colored socks that can be flexibly adapted to bottoms colors such as blue, red main color and charcoal black on the basic knitted fabric of Tenjiku.Two sizes are available for both men and women.53% Cotton22% Acrylic20% Polyester5% PolyurethaneMade in...