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Ground Y

Mini Fleece Drape Hood Cardigan GN-D06-005

Package using cotton fleece that can be worn all season.Long cardigan with hood. We took a lot of cloth on the front edge and adjusted it to give a more beautiful drape. Please enjoy the movement of the cloth fluttering each time it moves. It is a unisex...
Ground Y

T/A vintage decyne Shoulder Belt Dress GN-D02-500

Vintage style dechin cloth. It is a package made of a material that features strong drape and glossiness and is less likely to wrinkle.An asymmetric dress with a long right body. The shoulder belt is an accent. Even with one piece, you can enjoy...
Ground Y

TE/Burberry Tailored Poncho GN-D01-200

A package using TENCEL Burberry, which features a soft gloss and soft touch with a dropping feel.Poncho with tailored collar. You can enjoy the change of silhouette by crossing the buttons on the sides. It is a unisex specification.100% TencelMade in...
Ground Y

TE/Burberry Drape Cardigan GN-D05-200

A package using TENCEL Burberry, which features a soft gloss and soft touch with a dropping feel.Drape cardigan with plenty of cloth. A large amount is taken at the front end, and the drape is beautiful every time it moves. It is a unisex specification...
Ground Y

Classic W / E GABA Stand Dress GC-D03-100

All-season package using classic wool / polyester fabric. It is a highly durable fabric with unique gloss and beautiful drape characteristics.A simple type with a stand collar and a button. It is also recommended to open the front and eat it as a haori...
Ground Y

30 / Cotton Tenjiku Over Hood Dress GA-D04-040

Cotton Tengu series using classic cut-and-sew fabric. An overhood dress that has a banzai-shaped pattern and gives a unique silhouette when worn. The amount of opening can be freely adjusted with the reverse zipper specification. It is a design that you...
Ground Y

Vintage Decine Modified Drape Vest GA-D03-500

Vintage-style desin fabric. It is a package that features strong drape and gloss, and is not easily wrinkled. The best North Leisure stall cardigan. It is a universal item that can be used as a single inner insert. Designed for unisex.57% Triacetate...