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Porter 822-06229
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Based on the essence of bags, which is “LIFT” (carrying and holding), it is a total series that consists of a wide range of variations for various lifestyles, uses, and age groups, and mainly casual bags with business items added. Although it has a simple design, it uses carefully selected parts everywhere. The main body fabric is an original nylon twill woven using two types of yarn. The warp yarn is 210 denier nylon yarn, and the weft yarn is a "strong twisted nylon hollow yarn" that is spun by twisting multiple hollow fibers. I use it and finish weaving it super densely. By weaving a thick fabric with ultra-fine thread, it is lightweight yet has a very voluminous feel, and has succeeded in expressing an elegant luster like silk. By applying PVC processing to the back of the fabric, it has the effect of creating a firm feeling and adjusting the shape of the bag, as well as preventing water droplets from penetrating inside. The nylon ox fabric used for the interior has a silicon coating on the surface, so it is smooth and easy to take out the contents, and it is soft to the touch. All the metal parts are plated with matte black to accentuate the texture of the fabric, giving it an overall look. Like the fabric, the PORTER name is pressed from the top and bottom with a heat setting process on a name fabric that is woven with ultra-high density, and the embossed name that expresses the letters only with unevenness gives a sophisticated impression. In addition, although the location varies depending on the model, there is a slit pocket with a zipper in an easy-to-use place on the outside so that you can use frequently used smartphones and pass cases without stress. All bag types come with a detachable key fob, which can be said to be the icon of the series, and can be passed through the loop inside the main unit. The leather key fob type 2, which is sold separately and can be used alone, can be used in combination by passing it through the metal fittings attached to the bag body. The metal fittings of the key fob are original metal fittings reproduced from those used to lower medals in Germany in the 1930s. Germany was already very industrial at that time, and even with modern technology, small parts that would normally be difficult to make were made with a very high degree of precision. Focusing on its high technology, we faithfully commercialize it. The PORTER engraving on the back uses an industrial method of press-cutting a stainless steel plate and engraving it at the same time. It also features a finish that makes use of the texture of stainless steel without plating or other processing. * Some specifications may differ between the posted image and the delivered product. Please note. *Male model height: 173cm *Female model height: 161cm

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