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master-piece 601033
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W355 H255 D40 mm


About 610g


420d Nylon Ox (Special Processing) / CORDURA® fabric 630d Nylon / Smooth Cow Leather (3M SCOTCHGARD®)


If the nylon material of the main body is rubbed or scratched strongly, choke marks may occur. Moisture may soften the texture, so be careful when storing or using it in humid conditions. Also, since the main body and the attached nylon material are dyed materials, there is a possibility that the color and texture will be slightly blurred. The attached leather has some color blur. Please note that color transfer and discoloration due to friction cannot be avoided. As for metal parts, plating peeling and discoloration will inevitably occur over time, so please understand this as a feature of the product.

The main body is made of 420d nylon ox fabric with special salt shrinkage processing. The fabric is shrunk by applying a special salt shrinkage process to increase the density and give it a firm and firm feel, expressing a unique texture, wrinkles, and unevenness. INVISTA's 630d Cordura ® nylon, which has about five times the abrasion, tear strength, and durability of normal nylon, is used as an accessory material. By using 630d strong twisted yarn for the warp and semi-dull yarn of 6 nylon with low gloss for the weft, the two types of warp and weft are organized so that they develop different colors during dyeing. I will. While maintaining the durability that is characteristic of Cordura ® nylon, the fabric has an elegant atmosphere by suppressing the luster. The attached leather uses domestic cow leather, and at the stage of tanning, a waterproofing agent made by "3M" is put in and tanned, so that the waterproofing agent penetrates into the leather fibers and has a water-repellent function, which is normal. It is stronger than surface water repellent and has a long-lasting effect. Waterproof, oil-proof and stain-proof leather that has passed the "SCOTCHGARD®" monitoring test. In terms of functionality, the front zipper pocket, which is a common design, is a tool pocket that can store business tools and gadgets inside, and when the zipper pocket (excluding the tote) is completely opened, the tablet terminal can be leaned against it. It has become. Since all types are designed to be self-supporting, it is suitable for teleworking at home or in a cafe or moving in the office, and is a series that considers functionality and design that suits modern work styles.

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