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Soft Linen Ruffle Prague Shirt K2003LS061

A gentle touch shirt that can enjoy the texture of linen. Classical design with band color and wings. It is one piece that the frills of the front have elegance.Recycled fiber (Lyocell) 70% Hemp 30%Size in Centimeters Size Body Length...

Unconventional Czech Kathmandu Shirt EK-520

A refreshing, light and uneven pulling shirt. Finished with a relaxed silhouette and a relaxed impression. A casual white cloth accents a simple white shirt. For spring-like coordination according to jeans and loose pants.100% cotton100% hemp clothSize...

Chambray Work Shirt (Smile Embroidery) EK-895

A refreshing chambray work shirt with a smile embroidered on the sleeve. A design in which smiles are arranged in a sleeve in the atmosphere of hippie embroidery found in vintage western shirts and work shirts.100% cottonSize in...

Chambray Band Collar Shirt (Smile Embroidery) EK-896

Chambray shirt with smile embroidered on sleeve. Sleeve with a neckline and volume that is refreshing in band color. A design in which smiles are arranged in a sleeve in the atmosphere of hippie embroidery found in vintage western shirts and work shirts...

Gauze Bandana Patchwork pt V Neck Ruffle Shirt K1910LS070

Ruffle shirt tailored with bandana-patterned gauze fabric. A puff sleeve with a moderate waistline and a moderately gathered silhouette creates a feminine and beautiful silhouette. The unique texture and fading of Vintage Bandana is faithfully reproduced...

7Wel Corduroy CPO Slappy Shirt Coat K1610LS139K1710LS174EK-808

Shirt coat tailored with seasonal Dazai corduroy. This is a big silhouette shirt coat that can enjoy an unbalanced coordination, and is recommended for those who want to wear a different coat.The leather elbow patch is a casual accent.100% cottonCowhide...

Flannel Check V-neck Ruffle Belt Shirt K1909LS052

A shirt blouse made with a fancy flannel fabric with a simple and warm plaid. Soft, warm and comfortable to wear. The frills of the neck and cuffs are gorgeous, yet a relaxed and relaxed silhouette, but it is an elegant piece that is not too casual.100%...

Flannel Check LILY Sleeve Onion Shirt K1909LS053

Pull shirt using 100% cotton flannel fabric. Soft, warm and comfortable to wear. Gathered in the neckline, hem and cuffs to create a soft and cute silhouette.100% cottonSize in Centimeters Size Body Length Back Shoulder...

IDG Nel Damask Pattern Discharge pt Band Collar Shirt K1910LS076

A shirt using cotton flannel with a soft and moderate brushed feel. Classic and elegant band color and casual big silhouette are finished in a unique atmosphere like a vintage item. A unisex item that can be enjoyed by both men and women.100% cottonHemp...

5.5Oz Denim V-neck Ruffle Belt Shirt K1909LS012

Shirt blouse using soft thin denim. The frills at the neck and cuffs are a gorgeous, relaxed silhouette that is not too casual down. It is compatible with inner items such as turtleneck and can be used as a thin outer.100% cotton Size Body Length...

IDG Nel Damask Pattern Discharge pt V Neck Frill Shirt K1909LS026

A vintage item-like shirt blouse using soft, moderately brushed cotton flannel. A piece of discerning that reproduces the color and texture peculiar to old cloth by sampling from old damask cloth. A beautiful puff sleeve with a clean gathered waistline...

5.5Oz Denim V-neck Frill Shirt K1909LS011

Denim shirt with an impressive frill at the neck. A beautiful puff sleeve with a clean waistline and a moderately gathered puff sleeve. Using a soft thin denim fabric, it is finished in a light atmosphere.100% cotton Size in...

Chambray Ruffle Sleeve Shirt K1909LS009

A shirt blouse with gorgeous ruffles sewn around both sleeves. Chambray with a simple texture has a natural and gentle atmosphere. This is a beautiful piece with a moderately clean waistline and a large sleeve.100% cotton Size in...

Linen Smocking High Neck Opera Blouse K1909LS014

Shirt with smocking embroidery like a honeycomb on the chest. One piece that uses linen material and has a relaxed silhouette with a refreshing feeling and relaxed feeling. The delicate Delon work and the neck to which the bead was given have become an...

French Linen LILY Sleeve Onion Shirt K1909LS054

A blouse with a light, soft French linen. Gathered in the neckline, hem and cuffs to create a soft and cute silhouette. Coordination with the hem in pants is also recommended.100% hempSize in...

Cotton x Linen IDG Patch Kathmandu Shirt EK-389EK-475EK-760

Kathmandu shirts have been made as a classic capital shirt since 2006. The name comes from an Indian shirt that the planning staff has used for years. The shirt has a patchwork of proof that it is worn with attachment, the rubbing collar has been...

Linen Phillies Stripe Slappy Baseball Shirt K1903SS034

A baseball shirt with a big silhouette that is refreshing with large, large stripes. Using cotton linen material, one point that is comfortable to wear. With a pocket on the side, it can be used as a light haori.Hemp 55% Cotton 45%Size in...

Plant Linen Couscous Henry Pull K1806SS843

BIG pullover using linen fabric dyed with plant dye. Sashiko-style tape is used for lace-up on the front. It is a BIG size item that can be used by both men and women.100% of hempSeparate cloth100% cottonString95% cotton5% polyesterSize in...