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Evisen Skateboards


The sweat shirt that is particular about the wide silhouette is a simple sweat that the rib stripes claim. 100 points of comfort Material: Cotton 100%
Evisen Skateboards

TYCOON VEST 19FW-JK06 146299161

The outer material is a tough cotton that turns into a bore and the batting has a high-performance chemical fiber synthate. Reversible vest that combines practicality and fashion is the item with the strongest cold protection. Material: Body Cotton...
Evisen Skateboards

WYE BOA CREW 19FW-SW01 146299188

The crew suet which boldly gave the katakana spear that was very popular last time was updated to the bore. Come to adult dress. Material: Polyester 100%
Evisen Skateboards

CONTRA JKT 19FW-JK05 146299230

The tough coverall is finished in a casual yet elegant silhouette. In addition to the two front pockets, there are a total of five side pockets and inner pockets. A rubber patch on the arms and the same color embroidery on the chest makes a casual...
Evisen Skateboards


A reversible flight jacket inspired by aviation movies. Built-in high-quality chemical fiber cinnalate for safe winter. On the right hand side is a transparent print with a bold sushi coaster graphic. Narcos pocket has been updated and placed in the...
Evisen Skateboards

EVASEBALL SHIRT 19ss-S06 143906583

Baseball shirt using high-quality cotton twill ground of moderate luster. A piece of art where old school and high-class feeling are skillfully integrated. Place the graphic of shrimp in the same color on the back print. Material: Body Cotton 100%
Evisen Skateboards

KILL ME SHIRT 19ss-S05 143906649

Updated STRANGER shirt to Aloha shirt. Impression that a big grid is more refreshing. "KILL ME" has a subtle accent. Use a texture that has a good sense of wrinkles and shaky texture. Material: Body Polyester 100%
Evisen Skateboards

KATANA 19ss-S04 143906664

Aloha shirt that dropped this season's deck graphic "KATANA" casually. It uses high-performance fabric that absorbs water and dries quickly, has a heat shield effect, and UV function. Soft and high performance material supports skating under the...
Evisen Skateboards

PENNY POLO SHIRT 19ss-S02 141188179

A penny polo shirt that has become a standard design of Evisen. Color scheme, in keeping with the silhouette, using a pleasant back pile cotton fabric. Material: Body Cotton 100%
Evisen Skateboards

EVI-65 PHISH JKT VEST 19ss-JK01 139892209

The inspirational jacket from Jam Band Phish not Fisherman All-weather stand collar jacket vest in early spring. The sleeves are removable by fasteners. Good to wear as a jacket, 2WAY specification is also good to enjoy the best layered. The hood is...